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Three such different wines that are yet similar in their complexities. these are wines to savour, wines not to be rushed but saved for that certain moment when you deserve to fully enjoy their perfect body and expression of the terroir in which they were grown.

The fulfillment of a long day or the celebration of an accomplishment or even an anticipation of what’s to come. That’s the right time to reach for your glass and a Vanessa wine.

Come along with me on a journey of exploration and discovery as you get to know the Syrah, Rosé, and Viognier wines that have been excellently crafted by winemaker Howard Soon for your sipping pleasure.

2016 Syrah



This Syrah was crafted from 100% estate grown and hand-picked fruit. The grapes were destemmed and underwent a gentle crush before small-batch fermentation and hand punch down to maximize flavour and extraction. A small percentage of Viognier was co-fermented with the Syrah in the traditional Northern Rhône style. This vintage is almost entirely composed of free run juice with only a very small quantity of pressed juice added to balance the tannins. Our Syrah was then aged for 20 months in a combination of new and used oak barrels, 60% being American oak and 40% being French oak.

Flavour Profile

Our 100% estate grown Syrah shows the power, texture, complexity and elegance of the Similkameen. The nose balances ripe plum, dried black cherry with subtle hints of jasmine and clove. The full, silky-textured palate is packed with blackberry, cassis and black pepper followed by a lingering dark chocolate finish. Only 31 barrels produced.

  • Syrah 92% / Viognier 8%
  • Syrah Clone 100 Côtes du Rhône, France

$34.99 available online

It’s like a late summer day when you come across a vine of blackberries and you pop one in your mouth and it’s ripe and soft,  full of juicy sweet flavour, still just a bit warm from the sun. That’s the pure perfection of this Syrah, smooth and big in your mouth with lighter tannins than you expect. Much mellower than the cabernet sauvignon. If this were the only wine you ever drank that would be okay, it could be the only wine you would ever want.

This superb Syrah will pair nicely with so many dishes and not just red meats but I’d be willing to try this with lighter fare but I’m tempted to sit back and enjoy a glass along with some gooey, stinky cheese and a Lesley Stowe cracker with just a dab of Bonne Maman fig jam. Mmmm life is good at this moment in time.

2019 Rosé



The Rosé harvest is one of the most exciting times at Vanessa Vineyard, as it is the beginning of our Harvest and the team is eager to pick. Our goal this year was to produce a lighter, more delicate colour than in 2018, so we were attentive to have minimal extraction from the skins. Whole cluster pressed, chilled and fermented slowly in stainless steel tanks with a proprietary yeast selection, this Rosé has been made at cool temperatures to fully enhance the fruit. Delicate colour, aromas and flavours reminiscent of Southern France embody the 2019 Vintage.

Flavour Profile

Our 100% estate grown blend of 66% Syrah and 34% Merlot, was picked in early October leading to a complex, dry Rosé that is a very pale salmon colour. A wonderful lingering nose of candied raspberry and strawberry is followed by apple, peach and dried sage notes. The palate shows hints of fresh berry, with grapefruit, tangerine and dried rosemary enhancing the clean, crisp mineral long finish. Only 175 cases produced.

  • Syrah 67% / Merlot 33% Syrah
  • Clone 100 Côtes du Rhône, France / Merlot Clone 181 Bordeaux, France

$24.99 available online

This Rosé wine takes me back to a trip to Tavel where rosé is queen and the town is dedicated to this subtle libation. Light and soft  with delicate aromas. A rosé you sip in a relaxing and contemplative manner. This is reminiscent of a life well lived, of a slower pace and a feeling of self satisfaction. Wine enjoyed as its meant to be, savoured slowly.

Light fruit with light flavours, slow and pure. This rosé surprises you with its first sip. This wine satisfies the more mature wine drinker that is looking for a wine that matches their mood. Relaxed, unhurried, satisfied.

2019 Viognier



Picking for the 2019 Viognier was eight days earlier than 2018, which had led to a lighter, fresher and easier drinking Viognier. After very gentle extraction, the Viognier was fermented cool with a specially selected yeast to bring out the fruity and floral aromatics. A long fermentation period gave us a rich, full and luscious wine with a balanced fresh acidity.

Flavour Profile

Our 100% estate grown Viognier offers a brilliant nose of lime zest, honeysuckle and vanilla notes followed by aromas of peach and pineapple with hints of honey and tangerine. Tones of straw yellow and light gold appear in the glass leading to a palate that shows a creamy, full-bodied texture that is balanced by crisp acidity. Flavours of grapefruit, lime, fresh rose petal, honey and cloves produce a long, lush and concentrated finish. Only 143 cases produced.

  • Viognier 100%
  • Viognier Clone 642

$24.99 available online

This Viognier defines the description of what most other winemakers wish for. Well balanced acidity. Slightly more pronounced flavours yet never harsh in taste or scents. Nothing like the cloying, overly perfumed wave that hits the nose in an unpleasant fashion with too many Viogniers I’ve tried. This wine has been lovingly tended and coaxed through the winemaking process with a promise of less subtlety and more maturity than previous vintages.

A Viognier that both stands alone and pairs with the finer things. An afternoon sipper that takes you on a pleasant journey of wine ecstasy. Not always a wine you seek on a pleasant summer afternoon but more a wine to wait for a fall day as you anticipate that perfect opportunity to explore its full rich, flavourful goodness.

These wines are full of grace very much like their modest winemaker Howard Soon. Soon is a recipient of the Order of Canada for his contributions to the B.C. wine industry. Most recently honoured with an Honorary Doctorate of Science Degree by the University of British Columbia.

Winemaking notes, Flavour Profiles, (in italics) bottle shots and image courtesy of the winery. Notes and descriptions are mine, MyVanCity author and editor, Valerie van der Gracht. I received one complimentary bottle of each of the wines featured. All opinions are my own.

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