Spot Prawn Season at Tojo’s

Tojo’s Restaurant Offers BC Spot Prawn Kit Starting May 21

Chef Hidekazu Tojo of Tojo’s Restaurant readies to launch a must-try Tojo’s Spot Prawn Kit, complete with an array of Japanese dishes that celebrate local ingredients. “Sweet, clean tasting with a crunchy texture, the prawns are a local delicacy and best prepared simply, with sushi rice as nigiri or lightly steamed or boiled. In Japan, they are served during special celebrations; for me, the BC spot prawns symbolize the bounty and beauty of spring,” shares Tojo.

Included in Tojo’s Spot Prawn Kit is a half-pound of locally harvested spot prawns, served with Tojo’s Special Sauce. The spot prawns’ delicate and sweet flavours are paired perfectly with a dish of medium flavoured hake, also locally sourced, which is lightly fried with a breadcrumb. A wholesome vegetable chirashi bowl bursts with spring ingredients including burdock root, wood ear mushroom and asparagus; the root vegetables and mushrooms of this dish combine for a most memorable umami-packed experience. The kit is complete with a seasonal gommae of kale, swiss chard and broccoli.

Tojo’s Spot Prawn Kit

Half-pound of BC Spot Prawns
Tojo’s Special Sauce

Spring Vegetable Chirashi
Lotus Root, Asparagus,
Wood Ear Mushroom, Dried Tofu,
Burdock Root, Carrot

Kale, Swiss Chard, Broccoli

Breadcrumb Fried Hake
Each kit serves two and is available for $88.00.

Also available on the a la carte menu will be BC Spot Prawn Nigiri for $6.00 apiece. Orders can be placed online via the restaurant website here, or by calling 604-872-8050.

About Tojo’s Restaurant
Tojo’s Restaurant is internationally recognized for creating exquisite food served as an art form. Fresh, unique and modern rooted in Japanese fine dining traditions with a distinct Pacific Northwest perspective, using the finest seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Tojo’s celebrates its 30 year anniversary in October 2018. Chef Hidekazu Tojo has received a long list of awards and accolades throughout his culinary career and has earned respect as a Master Chef for his extraordinary ability to prepare Japanese cuisine. Chef Tojo gained his culinary skills and knowledge while working in a Ryotei, a high-class traditional Japanese restaurant in Osaka in his early twenties. Tojo felt limited by the strict traditions of Japanese culinary culture and jumped at the opportunity to move to Canada and settled in Vancouver, in 1971. He was the first to introduce Omakase to Vancouver’s culinary scene and is the creator of countless dishes and techniques that are ubiquitous today. Among the most influential is the inside out Tojo Roll, which is now universally known as the California Roll. 

Information and images courtesy of the restaurant.

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