Flor de Caña Sustainably Produced Rum ECO-15 Cocktail recipes

Sustainably Produced Rum
Carbon Neutral &
Fair Trade Certified

World’s only Carbon Neutral & Fair Trade Certified spirit.Flor de Caña is a global leader in sustainable practices.

Together for a Greener Future

Now you can enjoy your cocktail and be part of the movement to be more responsible and better for the planet. Flor de Caña is reducing global food waste through sustainable cocktails. Can you think of some innovative ways to reduce waste?

Borrowing some ideas from last July’s Zero Waste Month and the Vancouver cocktail scene: The Keefer Bar used cilantro stems, L’Abattoir featured rescued greens, Homer Street got creative with pineapple skins to create a falernum, and Pour House did something similar with the banana, extracting the oils and dehydrating it to a powder ensuring no waste at all.

Challenge your green minded friends with these Zero Waste ideas. Or try out the ECO-15 cocktails with simple ingredients and no waste. The orange does triple duty with juice, zest and decorative peel.


Cranberry Ginger

1oz Flor de Caña ECO-15
4-6 Fresh Cranberries
3oz Ginger Ale

Muddle cranberries in tall glass or wine glass, add ice and remaining ingredients, enjoy with a sugar cane straw

Cranberry Sour

1.5oz Flor de Caña ECO-15
0.5oz Simple Syrup
0.5oz Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
4-6 Fresh Cranberries
Egg White – optional *

Muddle cranberries in shaker tin, add all ingredients with ice and shake; strain out ice – dry shake – pour into flute glass

Flor Ginger

2oz Flor de Caña ECO-15
4oz Ginger Ale

Add ice and ingredients to bamboo glass, garnish with orange twist and sugarcane straw

Flor Fashioned

0.25oz Miss Better’s Bitters
2oz Flor de Caña ECO-15
Orange zest

Add ice and ingredients to rocks glass, trace glass rim with orange twist and use to garnish

Enjoy Responsibly

The just released Flor de Caña 15 Eco is in stock and available at Legacy Liquor Store in Vancouver or through their online store. Also available at Craft Cellars in Calgary or through their online store.

Our Sustainability Programs

Flor de Caña selected to be part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program.


• 50,000 trees planted annually since 2005 (certified by Jóvenes Ambientalistas).
• Distilled using 100% Renewable Energy (10+ years).
• CO2 emissions during fermentation are captured and recycled.


• Free education for employee’s children at the company school (since 1913).
• Free healthcare for employee’s families at the company hospital (since 1958).
• Career growth and development programs for all employees.


• #1 donor of APROQUEN since 1991, providing 600,000 free medical services to child burn victims.
• 15+ years supporting American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) alleviate poverty in Nicaragua.

Consumers & Trade

• Global reforestation campaign in partnership with One Tree Planted. $1 = 1 tree.
• Zero Waste Month: helping reduce global food waste through zero waste cocktails.
• Sustainable Cocktail Challenge: Promoting the creation of sustainable cocktails among bartenders.

Carbon Neutral Certified

All carbon emissions are offset during the entire lifecycle, from field to market.

Fair Trade Certified

Produced in compliance with 300+ labor, social and environmental standards.

Global Sustainability Initiatives

Global Reforestation Campaign
Join the cause

Through Sustainable Cocktails
Join the cause

Learn more about Flor de Caña’s sustainable practices here.

Information and recipes courtesy of Flor de Caña

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