Pagos de Anguix unveils Costalara 2020 the Winery’s First Certified Organic Red Wine

Pagos de Anguix unveils Costalara 2020, the Winery’s First Certified Organic Red Wine

· Pagos de Anguix takes its organic winemaking approach a step further with the release of its first certified-organic red, soon to be joined by upcoming vintages of its other wines.

· At this time, 99% of Pagos de Anguix vineyards are certified organic, including several plots farmed organically since they were planted, more than 20 years ago. Given its 85-hectare size, Pagos de Anguix represents one of the largest organic winegrowing estates in Ribera del Duero.

Pagos de Anguix, a renowned winery located in Anguix, Burgos (Spain), has made a significant move towards sustainable and organic winemaking with the release of its first certified-organic red, Costalara 2020. This is an important step for the winery, whose commitment to organic winemaking and biodiversity conservation is evident in its 85-hectare organic vineyard, one of the largest in Ribera del Duero.

Costalara 2020 is made from 100% Tinto Fino varietal grapes from vineyards located in the municipalities of Anguix and Olmedillo de Roa, which are organically farmed and situated in rocky calcareous-clay soils at an elevation of 800 metres. The artisanal, low-intervention winemaking technique has successfully brought out the primary fruit expression of the Tinto Fino variety. After 12 months of ageing, the wine presents a complex bouquet of forest fruit, red currant, and sweet spices, which gradually gives way to more red fruit, vanilla, and spicy aromas. The unctuous, well-structured palate has a touch of minerality and is fresh, making it a delightful wine to sip on.

Pagos de Anguix’s strong environmental commitment is not only evident in its organic vineyards, including some that were designated as such over 20 years ago, but also in its collaboration with the Regenerative Viticulture Association to bring soils back to life and promote biodiversity. Vineyard practices respect the vines’ sap flow, contributing to the plants’ health and longevity.

The winemaker, José Manuel Pérez Ovejas, helms the technical team at Pagos de Anguix and considers the 2020 vintage an exceptional harvest, despite the pandemic-induced complications. The winery delayed the harvest by a few days to allow the grapes to attain optimal ripeness. The winemaker’s expertise and the winery’s commitment to organic and sustainable winemaking are evident in the outstanding quality of the Costalara 2020.

About Pagos de Anguix

Joan Juvé and his daughter Meritxell dreamt of making exceptional wines in Ribera del Duero, and the result is Pagos de Anguix. The project got underway in 2018 with the purchase of the estate, located in the town of Anguix in the province of Burgos. In this northern area of Castilla y León, the altitude limits farming, with elevations reaching up to 800 metres above sea level. Among the winery’s greatest assets are its 30-hectare vineyards, which have been farmed organically since they were planted more than 20 years ago. By now the other winery-owned vineyards have also obtained organic certification, and only 1% is still undergoing conversion.

Pagos de Anguix cultivates vineyards in Anguix, adjacent to the winery, and in the municipality of Olmedillo de Roa, and primarily works with a clone of the area’s traditional Tinto Fino variety. The winery also collaborates with local winegrowers to obtain Albillo Mayor grapes, a white variety which is part of the rosé blend of Pagos de Anguix Rosado.

The goal is to produce refined, elegant wines with a focus on freshness, making the most of the vineyard location and showcasing the particular character that Ribera del Duero’s Tinto Fino develops in this area.

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Media release and image provided by Esther Del Pozo, Mahalo Wine 

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