#MarketMonday vendor Aji Gourmet Products

    I was born and raised in Colombia to a Canadian mother and a Colombian father.  I attended Post Secondary at the University of New Brunswick and later pursued Equine Studies at Grant McEwan College in Alberta.  After finishing school I returned to Colombia where I pursued work with horses, as well as developing therapeutic toys for … Read more #MarketMonday vendor Aji Gourmet Products

#MarketMonday vendor  Tien Neo EaMas  Jewels Spells 

    Hello! I am a silver/goldsmith and alchemist, smithing since 1996 and practicing the mystical arts since 1991. I have a Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts from Simon Fraser University, Interior Design and Classical Feng Shui Certificates.  I am a modern day wizard, Feng Shui consultant, artist, performer, and inspirational speaker. Media appearances … Read more #MarketMonday vendor  Tien Neo EaMas  Jewels Spells 

#MarketMonday vendor Skipper Otto

  Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery (CSF) creates a direct connection between local fishermen and consumers with the joint goal of protecting ocean resources and improving our local food system. The CSF model ensures that independent, small-scale harvesters can continue to fish using the low impact practices their parents and grandparents used before them and still … Read more #MarketMonday vendor Skipper Otto

Long Awaited Opening of the New R&B Ale & Pizza House

  After a long and patient waiting period, the R&B Brewing Company is excited to announce their new food primary restaurant is now fully operational. The R&B Ale & Pizza House is funky and full of character — the space is, as one recent guest quoted, “like walking into my parent’s 70’s basement rec room, … Read more Long Awaited Opening of the New R&B Ale & Pizza House

#MarketMonday vendor Earth Apple Farm

Shirlene Coté, Vegetable Farmer Owner, Earth Apple Farm Shirlene has been growing vegetables for the lovely people of the lower mainland in BC for 5 years now.  What started as a small obsession with growing several varieties of potatoes, has turned into a full blown life commitment to growing over 50 varieties of fruits and … Read more #MarketMonday vendor Earth Apple Farm

#MarketMonday vendor Kics Lemonade

1.      You have been doing farmers markets for a long time, how did it all start? 15 years ago I suggested to my mum that we try selling my granny’s lemonade syrup at the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market. I remember the first sunny day we had in July and we sold 77 bottles! We were so … Read more #MarketMonday vendor Kics Lemonade

#MarketMonday vendor Marie’s Guilt Free Bakery

  Fresh, Local, Healthy Marie’s Guilt Free Bakery offers Gluten Free Baked Goods, Gluten Free Flour Mix and Gluten Free Jams and Jellies. Whether you have a medical diet restriction or you’re just trying to eat healthier, we can cater to you. We offer the service of customizing to any diet including sugar free, vegan, … Read more #MarketMonday vendor Marie’s Guilt Free Bakery

#MarketMonday vendor Taves Family Farms

At Taves Family Farms currants are now in season and for sale at the Vancouver Farmers Markets     Ever since Great Grandfather John purchased his first plot of land back in the 1930s, farming has remained a family tradition. Three generations later, and still located in the southern lands of the Fraser Valley, Taves … Read more #MarketMonday vendor Taves Family Farms

#MarketMonday vendor Klippers Organics

Klippers Organics was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing healthy, high-quality produce to families across British Columbia. We farm in a sustainable manner, striving to give back to the earth rather than depleting it. Located in Cawston BC, we sell our produce at Vancouver Farmers Markets each week and to restaurants across the … Read more #MarketMonday vendor Klippers Organics

#MarketMonday vendor Six Legs Good Apiaries

East Vancouver Beekeepers. Local Honey, Local Queens We are a beekeeping company based out of East Vancouver, producing local honey, beeswax, and locally raised queens. Our bees are located in backyards around Vancouver and Surrey. We are incredibly excited to announce that we received funding from the Lush Sustainable Fund! We are using it to double our … Read more #MarketMonday vendor Six Legs Good Apiaries

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