Club Row Creates New Genre in Fitness, Inventing Rhythm-Based Rowing

Club Row has introduced an entirely new genre in fitness, bringing forward a fresh concept, with the world’s only rhythm-based rowing studio. This workout is not something that you will find in LA or New York; it’s an original, founded right here in Vancouver.

JENNUWIN Fitness that Fits You

  PRIVATE BOUTIQUE TRAINING STUDIO   Fitness that Fits You There is a common misconception with fitness that is so overwhelming, no wonder we think of a million excuses not to start. Exercising means seven days of 5-AM pre-work fasting cardio, followed by an evening strength program at the gym or fitness class. It needs … Read moreJENNUWIN Fitness that Fits You

KIX 4 CHIX Ladies Kickboxing comes to Burnaby

KIX 4 CHIX IS A LADIES NON-COMPETITIVE KICKBOXING PROGRAM. AND IT IS UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER TRIED! Kix 4 Chix is a ladies non-competitive kickboxing program. And it is unlike anything you have ever tried! Kix 4 Chix is for EVERY woman; age, fitness level, weight does not matter. Weight loss, all over muscle … Read moreKIX 4 CHIX Ladies Kickboxing comes to Burnaby

Transforming Intention into Action: How to Follow Through With Your 2014 Fitness Goals

  Each New Year begins with great intentions. People come to me determined to meet their fitness goals and excited to jump in and start a new program. For many, it only takes a month or two for the enthusiasm and resolve to wane. Off track and disheartened, they give up only to repeat the … Read moreTransforming Intention into Action: How to Follow Through With Your 2014 Fitness Goals

Getting my exercise…on the Canada Line!

I remember seeing the women in Paris constantly on the move. Never in runners or walking shoes, always wearing stilettos. Man do they have great legs. No wonder Parisian women have terrific legs they walk everywhere including up and down the stairs to the Metro.