Sauternes Tasting @Sam_WineTeacher

Sweet wines, or more properly, after dinner or dessert wines can be an absolute delight.  After dinner wines include Ports, Sherries, and Madeiras, among other fortified wines. 

Tasting Ten – Bordeaux: Part Deux

In 2019, Kurt put together a flight of 2005 Bordeaux from the Haut Medoc and St. Julien regions. His 2020 presentation was a continuation of that theme, this time featuring wines from Margaux, Paulliac and Pomerol

La dolce vita – Tasting a legend

  For many years I have wondered about the true value of a dessert wine that is often displayed behind glass in some of the better wine shops I have visited. Could Chateau d’Yquem really be worth the price, which ranges from several hundred to many thousands of dollars, depending on the vintage? Moreover, what … Read more

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