Wednesday Wine Reviews from @Sam_WineTeacher

As always a stellar line-up of wine suggestions from our intrepid wine reviewer Sam.

Tasting Ten 2005 Bordeaux by @Sam_WineTeacher

Kurt is responsible for designing the December session in our tasting group.   He tends to pull some amazing wines from his cellar for our tastings, so it is one I try to never miss.  This year was no exception – a collection of aged reds, primarily right bank Bordeaux. 

Les Chevaliers des Vins de France

Les Chevaliers des Vins de France is a group originally formed in 1982 to promote the enjoyment of French wines. They recently hosted an Agents Special French Wine Tasting and invited the BC Wine Appreciation Society to join them.Five agents poured twenty-eight French wines from Alsace, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chablis, Cote du Rhone, Languedoc and … Read more