Tolkien – a review by Judy Robb

  “Tolkien”  Pacific Theatre Local director and playwright Ron Reed’s “Tolkien”, a play about the friendship between J. R. R. Tolkien (John Innes) and C. S. Lewis (Ian Farthing), is a powerful theatre experience.   It spans a period of more than 30 years, beginning when Tolkien is introduced to “Jack” Lewis, the new professor on … Read moreTolkien – a review by Judy Robb

La dolce vita – Tasting a legend

  For many years I have wondered about the true value of a dessert wine that is often displayed behind glass in some of the better wine shops I have visited. Could Chateau d’Yquem really be worth the price, which ranges from several hundred to many thousands of dollars, depending on the vintage? Moreover, what … Read moreLa dolce vita – Tasting a legend