Dine Out Vancouver Festival’s CHEF SOUP EXPERIMENT

Where are you having lunch today?
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA) on Granville Island will host the kick-off event of Tourism Vancouver’s DINE OUT VANCOUVER FESTIVAL.

Starting at 12:30 today, Friday, January 17, 2014, you are welcome to come down to Granville Island for a taste of the incredible soup made by 50 of Vancouver’s top chefs and it’s all FREE.

The Chef Soup Experiment started at Edible Vancouver with all the chefs bringing their ingredient to be added to the soup. All 50 chefs were treated to a delicious breakfast, long table style.

Once all the ingredients were present and accounted for the large soup pot made its way from Edible Vancouver to PICA’s executive kitchen and waiting Executive Chef Julian Bond and his two able assistants got right to work.

The process continues with the chopping and prep of the mostly local ingredients. The stock has an Asian inspired base and will be used to make both a carnivore and a vegetarian soup for your tasting pleasure.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival Chef Soup Experiment – Ingredient List:
  1. Green garbanzo beans – Ned Bell, YEW Restaurant
  2. Coconut milk – Montgomery Lau, MARKET by Jean-Georges
  3. Guajillo chilies (dried) – Pedro Gonzalez, Coast Restaurant
  4. Rapini – Antonio Martin, Paulie’s Kitchen
  5. Braised beef tongue – Joachim Hayward, Campagnolo Roma
  6. Prosciutto – Dave Bell, Al Porto Ristorante
  7. Tomatilla and dikon – Lino Vargas, Hurricane Grill
  8. Fresh naked chickens – Joyce Isaac, Nando’s
  9. Celeriac – Chris Whittaker, Forage
  10. Papaya – Yen Do, Broken Rice
  11. Celeriac – Joel Green, The Lobby Restaurant
  12. Alder smoked bacon – Ian Errington, Catch 122
  13. Red kale – Rob Feenie, Cactus Club
  14. Flank steak – Corey Fields, Vancouver FanClub
  15. Kale – Christine McAvoy, Vancouver is Awesome
  16. Raw cacao – Karen McAthy, Graze Restaurant
  17. Bacon salt – Eric Pateman, Edible Canada
  18. Yam – Michelle Kim, Miss 604
  19. Chipotle flakes – Jane Nahirny, BC Magazine
  20. Kombu (kelp) – Nathan Lowey, Campagnolo
  21. Butternut squash – Mark McEwan, Black + Blue
  22. Horseradish root – Cooper Green, Sandbar Seafood Restaurant
  23. Apple-smoked bacon – Kyle Baker, The Keg
  24. Cesara – Genevieve Talbot, Baru Latino Restaurant
  25. Saffron – Jean-Francis Quaglia, Provence Marinaside
  26. Leeks – Daigen Taylor, Hapa Izakaya
  27. Seaweed – Toshiyuka Iwai, Hapa Izakaya
  28. Lotus roots – Nobutaka Watanabe, Hapa Izakaya
  29. Shitake mushrooms – Masafumi Okuno, Hapa Izakaya
  30. Gelatin noodles – Daiji Tanaka, Hapa Izakaya
  31. Israeli couscous – Vishwa Mohan, Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel
  32. Roasted sunchoke – Darren Brown, ORU Restaurant
  33. Bone marrow – Wildebeest
  34. Thyme – David Hawksworth, Hawksworth Restaurant
  35. Shitake mushrooms – Mijune Pak, Follow Me Foodie
  36. Chorizo sausage – Amber Sessions, Tourism Vancouver
  37. Celery – Sonu Purhar, Tourism Vancouver
  38. Garlic – Jorden Hutchison, Tourism Vancouver
  39. Red lentils – Chris Blanchette, Tourism Vancouver
  40. Five beans mix – Collin Dawkins, The Reef
  41. Thai chilis – Shannon Phillips, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  42. Local carrots – Cloe Boiral, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  43. Ginger – Julian Bond, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  44. Lemongrass – Oliver Lago, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  45. Onions – Darren Clay, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  46. Bay leaves – Carmen Wong, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  47. Coriander seed – Katsu Inoue, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  48. Freshly cracked pepper – Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  49. Sesame oil – Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
  50. Capilano stock (i.e. water)

Lucas and Feenie
Lucas Pavan, Festival Coordinator
and Chef Rob Fennie, Cactus Club
dine out logo

Chef Darren
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

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