Welcome James Headrick

Welcome James Headrick

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest writer, photographer, videographer and contributor James Headrick.

James is based on Vancouver Island and he will be contributing articles on his own experiences of life on the Island, a little bit of travel, dining, foraging, wine pairing and cooking all Island based.

We look forward to sharing James’ stories about all the hidden spots off the beaten track that he knows like the back of his hand. So join us in welcoming James to MyVanCity.ca.

james headrick

James Headrick is a Vancouver Island based Videographer and Photographer. He has always had an interested in unpacking narratives that frame our perceptual understanding of the world and is driven to communicate a message that grounds and connects us as people together despite our differences.  James is a graduate of Western Academy and is currently working on two exploratory documentaries “What is Home” a documentary aimed at bridging the gap between generations whose subjects are seniors in long term care and a grade 6/7 class that visits on a weekly basis. The second project has been named “Acceleration Meditation” it is another doc following a group of riders across surf, snow, and trail building into the topic of flow state and the meditative bliss found there. Although this is a new venture James has also begun contributing to My Van City a dine, wine, and lifestyle community. His first article will be up in November! Two more passions James has long enjoyed sharing the love of great food and drink with great company!






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