Winemaker’s Cut launches Canada’s first “interactive online winery tasting room” that lives permanently on the website.

Winemaker’s CUT is redrawing the boundaries of reality and virtual, with an online dedicated interactive wine tasting room that lives on their website. It’s easy to access. Go to the website and click.

Inside the Winery Tasting Room

Wine lovers will walk around the big wooden table with a selection of Winemaker’s CUT bottles squarely in the center. Off to the left and the right are wine fridges stocked with additional offerings. In fact, all four tiers of Winemaker’s Cut wines are in the room, visible and with a click on the bottle, tasting notes and food pairing recommendations appear. At this point bottles can be loaded into the shopping cart and shopping continues.

First Of Its Kind

This new mobile first, dynamic photo-realistic and interactive platform connects the online winery experience to the wine shop website. It uses motion sensors that allow customers to learn, to make purchases, to chat with others and to move through the tasting room like they’re actually at the winery.

Helping Our Customers

Winemaker’s CUT co-owner Michal Mosny says, “We care deeply about the impact of COVID-19 on our community, especially those with pre-existing conditions. We continue to believe in a robust recovery driven by the inherent, and now pent up, human need to connect, meet up, socialize and share wine experiences together. To that end, I am super excited to present Canada’s first immersive and photorealistic Wine Tasting Room experience. It’s safe for our guests to experience the winery in the wine region they love, without leaving home. It redraws the traditional boundaries of visiting a winery and the wine experience.”

The Big Idea

The big Idea was pitched to Mosny by Barb Wild, a respected wine specialist and entrepreneur based in Vancouver. “When Kahlil from asked if an interactive online experience would benefit the wine industry, it was an instant “yes” from me. Michal was the perfect partner in this development as he is very customer focused and didn’t have a winery tasting room.”

The Future

Working with Michal Mosny to launch the maybe the world’s first virtual wine tasting room at Winemaker’s Cut has been excellent. Michal shares a genuine willingness to look beyond the limits of teleconferencing software to explore innovative ways to connect with his customers in an immersive fashion. Winemakers Cut will always be at the core of the vstore.weshowup family.“ says Kahlil Ashanti, Founder and CEO

About Winemaker’s CUT

Winemaker’s CUT is a medium size estate winery located just south of Oliver, BC with production of nearly 8500 cases annually. With strong emphasis on natural and sustainable vineyards, their vines in the vineyard and wines in the cellar are exposed to classical music. Over the years, classical music has become the signature style of Michal Mosny and his wife Martina who own and operate the winery. Their new online tasting room has an option to play ambient classical music in the background, while the wine lover shops to get the full experience. With winery plans for a new tasting room in 2020 put on hold due to the pandemic the development of the online tasting room creates the next best experience. “We truly believe that our Virtual Wine Tasting room will help our customers find the styles of wine they prefer.” says Mosny. You can visit the website to find the virtual tasting room by clicking on virtual reality at:

About Barb Wild

Barb Wild, DipWSET is Vancouver based Good Wine Gal who shares her passion for Good Wine! Barb promotes online wine education with Mark Shipway and other top Vancouver wine and spirit educators. She blogs about wine and her local industry and encourages wine tasting and travel whenever possible. She has a growing community of passionate food and wine lovers and believes that technology will help our industry succeed in more ways than we currently imagine.

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Media release and image provided by Barb Wild, Good Wine Gal.

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