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Paraphrasing Orson Welles “we will drink no wine before it’s time”

There are so many “days” being celebrated, National, International and holidays. There seems to be a day for not just wine in general but each varietal. That started me thinking about special wines for those special occasions. Not just commercialized days but personal days that are special for so many different reasons.

My main philosophy for enjoying a wine that I deem to be special is to share it with family and friends. It’s the wine that you have placed carefully on the shelf and know it’s there just doing what it should – aging well.

Not every wine I have the opportunity to sample is special, although most are certainly good. BC makes great wines and it is hard to go wrong. Not every wine is age worthy. That’s okay because wine is meant to be drunk and enjoyed.

This wine is tempting me and looking to be released from it’s place on the bottom shelf in my wine room. The better the wine is anticipated to be the lower the shelf it sits on. Why? Just being cautious because I would not want to lose any wine to a catastrophic spill.

So what have I decided to do? I am leaving this wine exactly where it is. Turning it a quarter turn every once in awhile. I’m not quite sure when it will be opened. You may ask what is the purpose of a wine reviewer not reviewing the wine? Well sometimes you just have to be patient to experience the best a special wine has to offer. I know from tasting all the other wines in the Church and State portfolio that this wine will not disappoint, even if I were to drink it now. But with a special wine it has to be opened at the right time and that time hasn’t come around yet.

Meantime, I encourage you to purchase this wine for your “keeper” shelf, or buy more than one so you have options, like drink now, drink later. I am anticipating that this wine is going to be that good! The Quintessential was originally a wine club exclusive which has been released to the public. Available in limited quantities.


A perfect embodiment of terroir and vintage. We reserve this name for those occasions where we have produced a wine of outstanding character.

From carefully curated grapes harvested from our premium vineyards, to hand-sorting, to ageing in selected French barrels, we are proud to offer this 2017 Meritage Blend that conveys the quintessence of our terroirs.

This blend of 50% Merlot & 50% Cabernet Franc was hand selected by our winemaker from our premium barrels. Aged 14 months in French Oak, this Meritage blend has an open & expressive nose showcasing black cherries & blackberries.

The aromas continue to open up with spicy notes of peppercorn & cedar. The mouthfeel is balanced with velvet ripe tannins. The palate opens on much of the same as the nose; dark berries, dark chocolate, fresh peppercorn and a long sultry finish.

Winemaker: Arnaud Thierry

Varieties: Cabernet Franc (50%), Merlot (50%)
Region: Okanagan Valley
Country: Canada
Vintage: 2017
Alcohol: 14.1%
Bottle size: 750 mL

Growing conditions: Harvest date: October 18, 2017 Soil: Gravel from the Black Sage Bench & Sandy Loam from the West Bench of Osoyoos

Winemaking notes: Ageing: French Oak Barrels for 14 months

$86.24 available online


Church & State Wines features two distinctly different vineyard properties located in the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island. Our meticulous wine-making process is driven by a passion to make wines that capture a sense of place, drawing from the terroir to showcase a sense of character, depth and the elegance of our land.

Church and State wines are available at a number of wine shops and restaurants throughout the province. Use this link to discover where to purchase or enjoy.

Wine notes courtesy of the winery. Images: MyVanCity. I received a bottle of Quintessential to facilitate this feature.

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