Winemaker Barbara Tamburini receives two prestigious Awards

The Wine Oscar for the Best Oenologist of the Year was established in 1999 and is awarded by the Academy for Oscars for particular professional merits that have emerged during the candidate’s work. After the death of the great master Giacomo Tachis, his name was added to Oscar prize, in memory of this unforgettable professional author of wines that have marked the history of wine-growing Italy in the world.

Bienvenuti Barbara Tamburini!

Tamburini is a dynamo with absolutely boundless energy. Winemaker to sixteen wineries in mainly the Tuscan regions of Italy she has a comprehensive knowledge and an extensive educational background. Tamburini’s specialty is biodynamic winemaking and she is not afraid to experiment.

A day spent with Italian winemaker Barbara Tamburini

First the place: There are seven zones of wine regions in Tuscany and we were in the North East close to the river. The estate has 50 hectares of vineyards and a very interesting history. On the place of the ruins sat an ancient Roman fort which became the medieval Castle of Vico. In the fifteenth century, … Read more

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