Vancouver Foodster Dumpling Fest

The dumpling is an international food.  Defined as: “a piece of dough, wrapped around a filling or of dough with no filling”, it is found in cultures across the globe and means light, fluffy, comforting goodness.  Personally, on a cold winter night, I love nothing better than slow cooked, aromatic chicken and dumplings after day … Read more

Another successful Tasting Plates experience – Kitsilano

Full disclosure.  For me, any trip to anywhere brings with it a small tinge of disappointment over only being able to choose one restaurant at a time!  I love the adventure of trying new places and I know that getting a feel for any city can come through experiencing its cuisines.  The thought of missing … Read more

Tasting Plates Coquitlam

Have you ever suddenly noticed a local eatery that you have driven by hundreds of times without ever noticing? We all get stuck in our ruts, whether it is in our commuting patterns, or shopping habits and it is fair to say we often miss places we only discover when walking down the street. That … Read more

Vancouver Foodster’s 5th Anniversary Tasting Plates Food Crawl.

  Vancouver Foodster celebrated it’s 5th Anniversary for Tasting Plates on March 8th 2017 – founded by Richard Wolak, Tasting Plates Vancouver takes participants on a unique food journey, exploring and celebrating Vancouver’s diversity! We commenced our tour at Marquis Wine Cellars on Davie Street with a sampling of a Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvingon … Read more

Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates Taco Crawl

  Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates Taco Crawl   Tacos, as well as your favourite TV series and hearty laughter, are one of the things in this universe that I feel defies the rule of “everything in moderation”. The perfection of a floured shell, the juicy nature of the fillings, the vibrant flavours of the fixin’s. … Read more

Vancouver Foodster presents event line-ups for the Fall season

  Tasting Plates Port Moody Wednesday, September 21, 6pm Tantalize your taste buds at several restaurants and breweries in Port Moody. This evening tasting extravaganza goes from 6pm until 9:30 pm and is presented by Vancouver Foodster. Participating Restaurants line-up click here  Advance tickets now on Sale here Vancouver Foodster Taco Crawl Wednesday, September 28, 5:30pm  Tantalize your … Read more

Tasting Plates – Fraserhood

  This past week, Vancouver Foodster hosted another of the ever popular Tasting Plates tours, this time in the Fraserhood area of East Vancouver. The perfect excuse to visit Vancouver’s many, diverse neighbourhoods, Tasting Plates are self-guided tours that give you the chance to try a variety of tasty offerings from the participating restaurants, cafes … Read more

Vancouver Foodster presents Tasting Plates for Spring

  Tasting Plates Marpole Wednesday, March 30, 6pm – 10pm Tantalize your taste buds at several restaurants and establishments in the Marpole neighbourhood. Marpole is one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods, settled in the 1860’s.This tasting extravaganza will be centred around Granville Street between 67th and 74th, and is presented by Vancouver Foodster. Participating Restaurants line-up click here  Advance … Read more

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