Exploring Unique Wines from Casale del Giglio

Casale del Giglio currently offers a range of twenty-two products – seven white wines, one rosé, seven reds, one late harvest, three grappas and an extra virgin olive oil.

Tasting Plates: West 4th Edition

West 4th Avenue, a street full of fantastically unique eateries and shops. As autumn rolls in and the sun sets earlier than we’re accustomed to, our W.4th Tasting Plates mini adventure begins at the August Jack. Presented with a house smoked and cured salmon duo, it was a great start to our evening. Their candied … Read more

Fable and Samuel Adams celebrate Khatsahlano Festival

  Fable Restaurant has teamed up with Samuel Adams at this year’s Khatsahlano Street Festival in Vancouver, BC. This partnership is designed to bring an unique experience integrating beer at Fable’s patio and restaurant. Samuel Adams has had a longstanding commitment to showcasing how versatile beer can be when pairing with food, especially with the … Read more

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