AmoVino: Hey BC, meet Finca de la Rica!

AmoVino: Hey BC, meet Finca de la Rica!

Old Region, New Games

From the heart of
Rioja Alavesa…

Bringing a playful attitude to a traditional place!
Finca de la Rica brings together 4th generation
grape growers and 2 local passionate winemakers 

whose dream is to make wine without pretention.

Wines for the people,
by the people!

Finca de la Rica

El Guia 2016

+771651| Spec |

A sneakily charming little number, bragging with a splash (10%) of Viura from 100 year old vines! Bright ruby red, with aromas of wild bush berries you grew up around, salty cold cuts on a picnic, frozen watermelon, and wide open tall grass in late August. High acidity and a touch of sprtiz (carbonic maceration) keep things light and flirty like a breezy sundress or backwards baseball cap. This begs to be served with meat charcuterie, but really, anything.

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Finca de la Rica

El Buscador Crianza 2015

+441899 | Spec |

Aromas of ripe cherry and violet fields with a waft of your mothers baking cupboard, filled with all the exotic spices you can’t afford, and the back porch your grandfather secretly smokes his pipe on. This is medium-bodied with dark chocolate, tobacco, black currants and raspberries with the kind of gentle tannins you call when its only Tuesday and you just can’t even anymore. Serve with hummus, olives, frozen pizza and netflix.

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Finca de la Rica

El Nomada Special Selection 2013

+17473 | Spec |

‘The Wanderer’ lives everyday as if it were the last. Living with its heart on its sleeve, and expressing every beat of love poured into the making of this wine. This special selection of Tempranillo and Graciano (from 100 year old vines!) has a shy bouquet of dark chocolate covered raspberries, espresso bean, blackcurrant and a peppering of cedar spice – all found on the palate. Full bodied, with vibrant tannins that make you want to quit your job for your life-long childhood dream. Serve with sunday roast,  saucy dishes,  fried fish, and date night.

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Just as fun to play with as they are
to drink! Each bottle has a unique and
playful game on the front label that
allows the consumer to interact
in a new way.

El Guia or ‘The Guide‘ lets you play SquareWar on the front label.

El Buscador or ‘The Explorer‘ lets you search for Spanish words that describe this wine’s personality.

El Nomada or ‘The Nomad‘  shows you a maze that you must solve, a metaphor for the puzzling brilliance of this wine!

Working organically with near century old Tempranillo, Grenacha, Viura and Graciano grapes, Finca de la Rica are completely gravity fed and use solar panels to help minimize their impact on the environment.


Finca de la Rica wines are
currently available for ordering
via normal BCLDB channels.

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