FLAVOURS OF ITALY Discover Unexpected Regions and Varietals

Presented by The Italian Trade Commission (ITA) and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West in collaboration with BCLS

On Tuesday, October 22 I was privileged to join a select number of media representatives attending the Flavours of Italy Discover Unexpected Regions and Varietals Masterclass. The wine masterclass was conducted by Iain Philip, DipWSET, Wine Educator and WSET Instructor at Barbariain Wine Vancouver.

The topic was very interesting and Philip introduced us to regions that are a bit lesser known to many and, as described, the varietals that are being produced in these areas. The regions included Trentino Alto Adige a mountainous region of the North West where sparkling wines are made using only a traditional method, the varietal was Chardonnay; Emilia-Romagna, the varietal was Lambrusco di Sorbara; Marche, with the top white grape varietal in Italy, the Verdicchio; the red wine region of Umbria where Sangiovese is the most widely planted and Colorino often added for its properties of adding colour to the wine; Abruzzo where the varietal Pecorino came close to extinction and has been replanted and first used again in 1990, also known for the varietal of Montepulciano; the region of Campania where there are two types of Falanghina grapes; Basilicata with the varietal of Aglianico; the region of Puglia where the Aglianico grape is new to the region; also from Puglia the varietal of Negroamaro, Primitivo (genetically the same as Zinfandel) and Malvasia Nera; from the region of Sicily the varietals of Grillo and Nero d’Avola.

The best part of course was the opportunity to taste all twelve wines from these regions. I have included here what we tasted, in order, with my own tasting notes, and the tasting notes provided by the BCLS.

Ferrari – Trento Brut Hetodo Classico

At first ever so slight yeast scents, burnt matchstick, mushrooms, smoky, stone, chalk. Acidic with good minerality, almost tart, dry. After time the taste softens. It was fresh, very bubbly. Complex.

750 ml | SKU: 366427

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