Stock Up and Stay Warm With CedarCreek Estate Wines

Get through the winter cold with some favourites from our Estate Collection

As winter continues, stock up and stay warm indoors with these familiar favourites from the CedarCreek Estate Collection. The reason why we love these wines so much is while familiar around the world, all three selections showcase how unique the Okanagan Valley terroir is in the glass. They truly represent our vineyards and our Valley.

For our Estate Chardonnay, we ensure we pick the grapes when they are beginning to show citrus and floral characters and then we carefully select the barrels and larger oak vessels we want to ferment in to avoid ‘over-oaking’. This hands-on approach lends itself to an incredibly juicy and fresh style of Chardonnay. A perfect food pairing wine.

Merlot is the world’s most second widely planted grape variety (after Cabernet Sauvignon), and it’s also the Okanagan Valley’s most widely planted, and for good reason. It brings a generous, round and dense fruit character to its wines, making it an easy and enjoyable wine for drinking or with dinner. Our Estate Merlot is aged in French oak for 18 months and then bottled unfined and unfiltered. This wine is truly hard to beat.

If you are in search of a wine that brings more diversity of aromas and flavours than one grape can provide, the Estate Cabernet Merlot is for you. I would also suggest that this blend is so well-suited to pairing with food as it brings incredible structure and complexity in addition to the herbal and earthy characters. Think anything slow-cooked, braised, or stewed. It’s a great wine for a cold winter evening.

– Taylor Whelan, Winemaker



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Information and image provided by the winery.

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