Stag’s Hollow winemaker has released the Renaissance 2022 Futures!

Futures Are Back!

Keira, Stag’s Hollow winemaker, has finalized the blending for the Renaissance Futures’ 2022 release. We are happy to
announce that we are releasing four 2020 Renaissance wines this year, plus a 2021 Renaissance Chardonnay!

This time, wines purchased on a Futures basis are available in cases of 6 or cases of 12 bottles, reflecting a 10% or 20%
discount over the expected release price (additional Wine Club discounts do not apply). The wines will not be available
for delivery or pick-up until October, at which time we will contact you regarding your pick-up or delivery.

The 2020 vintage got off to a bumpy start but resulted in elegant wines with wonderful flavor concentration. After experiencing below-average temperatures throughout the spring and above-average rainfall causing later flowering, we were thrilled to see the warm, sunny weather kick in allowing for the grapes to catch up and resume normal patterns by early summer. This ideal ‘not-too-hot’ weather carried on right through to October until much cooler temperatures hit at the end of the month, perfectly in line with the end of our harvest. The colder spring months meant our yield was down, but the overall harvest resulted in very high-quality fruit with excellent levels of tannin and acidity. Ultimately these conditions allowed us to make
four premium Renaissance wines from our best barrels, only from the best vintages.

2020 Renaissance Pinot Noir – $37.50/bottle (6) or $33.75/bottle (12) – Release price $42/bottle
2020 Renaissance Syrah – $37.50/bottle (6) or $33.75/bottle (12) – Release price $42/bottle
2020 Renaissance Merlot – $37.50/bottle (6) or $33.75/bottle (12) – Release price $42/bottle
2020 Renaissance Meritage – $44.83/bottle (6) or $39.92/bottle (12) – Release price $50/bottle
Renaissance Red Mixed Case (3 bottles of each wine above) – $425/case + tax & deposit

Despite a leisurely start to the 2021 harvest and an early summer heatwave, we’ve been able to produce some of the most delicious and exciting wines to date. We think this is due to the fact that the majority of our vines are very well-established, and
therefore less inclined to be affected by extreme temperatures. Again, the quality across the board was exceptional even though less fruit was harvested, allowing us to produce a stunning oaked Chardonnay worthy of the Renaissance label.

2021 Renaissance Chardonnay – $31.50/bottle (6) or $27.92/bottle (12) – Release price $35/bottle


*Prices above do not include tax, deposit or shipping. Available to order until August 3 st, or until Sold Out.

Thank you for your support of our small winery. Happy sipping!

Information and image courtesy of the winery.

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