#TasteofThursday chocolate holiday sausages recipe

  chocolate holiday sausages “This weird and perhaps not-so-attractive and yet festive novelty is a delight and you’d be crazy not to make some quickly !” Of course, this isn’t my invention, this is an Italian and Portuguese holiday sweet, often called “chocolate salami” … I simply re-adapted my chocolate and biscuit blocks for the holiday … Read more

#TasteofThursday rhubarb & ginger tarts – icookstuff

  rhubarb & ginger tarts   3-4 rectangular tartlets It’s rhubarb season ! This unusually tangy vegetable is used for sweet as well as savoury dishes during the months of April and may and sometimes June. My friend and neigbour was kind enough to bring me about two and a half kilograms of rhubarb stalks … Read more

A special Valentine’s Day Dessert recipe from icookstuff

Valentine’s Day Apple Dessert (serves 4)     introduction : This apple-based Valentine’s Day dessert idea is actually a combination and reinterpretation of a few of my latest January and February recipes. One recipe or technique simply led to another … I had dear friends from France and Canada who were visiting for a few … Read more

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