NEW Starbucks Canadian Exclusive is juniper(fect) for Flat-White lovers

Do you hear what we hear? A NEW Starbucks Canadian exclusive is coming near! A breath of fresh air is rolling in as the Juniper Flat White hits Starbucks stores November 27.


With the same woodsy taste as Starbucks Juniper Latte, the new Juniper Flat White unearths strong espresso paired with juniper and sage notes to deliver a fresh and wintry flavour. But don’t be fooled! The Juniper Flat White is not a carbon copy of the Juniper Latte.
Juniper Latte


In fact, it’s quite different when you consider how each hand-crafted beverage is made. The Starbucks Latte combines rich espresso and a thin layer of foam to invoke a more subtle and creamy taste; a Starbucks Flat White is light, smooth and bold due to its velvety micro-foam and Ristretto espresso. Fun fact: Ristretto refers to a “restricted” shot of espresso — the barista pulls only the first portion of a full-length espresso shot, meaning less water is pushed through the grounds, giving it a sweeter, richer and more full-bodied flavour.



For those who prefer a more coffee-forward taste with a subtle hint of juniper, the NEW Juniper Flat White is a flavourful and festive take on a Starbucks classic. It’s the perfect, every-day holiday beverage handcrafted specifically for us in the Great White North.

Media release and images provided by Leanne Butchart, Talk Shop Media.

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