#TasteItalia Fiore alla Nutella

“In this series I am sharing inspirational Italian recipes”

This wonderful family friendly recipe comes from Mamma Marzia. Wouldn’t this be fun to make and enjoy together with your kids?

Nutella Flower Bread/ Fiore alla Nutella 


It’s not a secret that my family loves Nutella and if I want to make them  all happy with this dessert it’s very easy. I highly suggest you to try to  make it with your family so you can create some special memories in the  kitchen. This dessert is very delicious but also very beautiful, so you can  make spectacular memories. The combination of Nutella, butter, bread  and love will bring you to Heaven. 

To make the dough this time I used the Standard mix but I usually mix  by hand, it’s not difficult at all. 

Let me know if you liked this recipe. 


500 g flour/4 cups 

50 grams sugar/ ¼ cup  

150 ml milk 

6 g active dry yeast/ 2 and half tsp 

2 eggs 

80 grams butter room temperature/ 5 tbsp 

A pinch of salt 

A sprinkle of love 

Icing sugar optional  

For the chocolate spread  

300 g Nutella or any other, you can also use jam or Pistacchio For the glaze on top: 

1egg yolk slightly beaten or 3 tablespoon of milk


Dissolve the yeast in tepid milk (milk temperature is 30 C / 86 F).  Let it rest for few minutes. 

In a bowl put the flour and the sugar, mix and make a  well/volcano. 

Pour the milk in the well and the 2 eggs slightly beaten. Mix with  your hands or with a Mixer (I used the paddle for few minutes). Add the butter and the salt and mix again, you will need to knead  

for 10 minutes until the dough is smooth. (After I added the butter I changed the attachment to the hook) 

The dough now is ready to rest for few hours but, before that you  need to make a cross with a knife and tell him/her that you love  him/her. Cover it with cling wrap and put it in a warm place covered with also a cloth. My Nonna used to put it under the bed. 

After 2 hours divide the dough in 4 equal pieces, grab a rolling pin, parchment paper, baking pan and the amazing Nutella. It’s time to  roll the dough but don’t worry, it’s going to be easy. 

Roll out each part into a ball and roll out each ball into a circle  approximately 10-12 inch wide. Place the first one on baking  sheets covered with parchment paper and spread the first layer of  Nutella leaving out about 1 inch gap along the edges. 

Cover the first circle with a second one that you rolled. Spread  more Nutella and cover with third circle. Repeat until the all the  four circles are used, do not spread Nutella one the top most layer. 

Put a small glass in the middle of your cake (my glass was 2 and  half inch wide) this will help you not cut all the way through. Using a sharp knife cut the cake in quarter, cut every slice in half  until you have 16 slices total.

Now twist twice every slice and give a nice pinch at the outside  end. 

Let it rest for 1 hour and while the cake is resting turn the oven on  at 350. Before you bake the cake brush it with egg wash or milk.  Bake it for 25-30 minutes. 

Sprinkle some icing sugar if you like and don’t forget to add the sprinkle of love. 

Buon Appetito 

Mamma Marzia’Tip: If you are rolling the dough and it doesn’t come  out perfectly round don’t worry, you can fix everything with a pasta  cutter when you are done cutting out the excess to make a perfect round  shape at the end.

Cooking with Mamma Marzia: Authentic Italian Recipes for the Whole Family is a collection of my family recipes, traditions, and cultures passed down through generations of my family. This cook book is my love story between me, my family, and Italian food. You will find easy-to-follow recipes with a deliciously appetizing photo to inspire your everyday cooking. My hope is that you will make many beautiful memories with your loved ones, cooking for them or cooking with them. And don’t forget to add a Sprinkle of Love in every recipe!

I really hope you will get in the kitchen and create some precious memories with your family or friends, if you need help with the recipe don’t hesite to message me on Social media.

Cooking with Mamma Marzia’s new cookbook is available on Amazon.ca

Recipe and food image courtesy of Mamma Marzia. I received a complimentary cookbook in December and I use it often. The recipes are easy to follow and the dishes are not only good but family friendly.

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