#TasteItalia Pizzocheri with Bella Cibo Mamma Marzia

This is one of the most popular dishes in the valley where I spent my childhood. The pasta is made from buckwheat and regular flour and is cooked in boiling water with cabbage and potatoes.

#TasteItalia with the “Best Panettone” in Piemonte

“In this series Anna Savino from Piemonte is sharing inspirational Italian recipes” This time we are not bringing you a recipe but an opportunity to buy an authentic Panettone for the holidays! THE BEST ITALIAN PANETTONE Wouldn’t you be curious to taste the “BEST PANETTONE IN PIEMONTE” and the Panettone that was the second best … Read more

#TasteItalia Fernanda’s Capunet with Red Rooster Rare Bird Malbec

Fernanda, originally from Barbaresco, has been passionate about cooking her whole life and has a special interest for finding the highest quality ingredients.

#TasteItalia Pistachio Panna Cotta paired with Pentâge Icewine Roussanne

Marzia enjoys teaching her passion of cooking authentic Italian cuisine and sharing her stories of growing up in Italy.

#TasteItalia Creamy Risotto With My Own Fond-de-Veau

The recipe holds true to the simplicity of Piedmontese Italian traditional recipes. It is creamy and rich, with an intense meaty flavor of the reduced veal stock used as a sauce for the risotto.

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