From the Cellar featuring wines that have been aged…

In addition to the weekly wine review and the various other, usually wine-related, articles I write for My Van City, I am going to include a new one that will appear from time to time.  I’m calling it, ‘From the Cellar’.

It will be much like the wine reviews, except that it will feature wines that have been aged.

It came to my attention that in an earlier review, I included a wine that is no longer made by a certain winery.  They were very happy with the mention and my positive comments, but they were concerned someone might try to track down a bottle and be disappointed when they found it wasn’t being produced any longer.  So, from now on I will keep the ‘Wednesday Wine Review’ to recent vintages that should still be available and ‘From the Cellar’ for those that I have to blow the dust off of.  There are no hard and fast rules.  I recently bought a couple of reds at my local liquor store that were 2010 vintages (a great deal in my eyes).  While most people drink what they buy in a matter of days, if not hours, more and more people are realizing the benefits of holding on to some of their wines and are enjoying the benefits of doing so.

Prices indicated are the costs when purchased.

2014 Syrah
Oliver, BC
Garnet red and tinged with brick with deep intensity.  The nose is rich and layered with aromas of blackberry, black cherry, spice, earth vanilla, and hints of black pepper and cocoa.  Well balanced with very smooth soft tannins.  Big flavours on the palate that reflect the nose followed by a medium-long finish.  So glad I hung on to this one.


2014 Jasper (Cabernet / Merlot)
Penticton, BC
Merlot leads this blend (78%) with the remaining 22% consisting of cabernet franc.  Garnet red with deep intensity.  Earth, dusty dried herbs, a symphony of berries, and a hint of spice on the nose.  Well balanced, big and round in the mouth with silky smooth ripe tannins.  Rich, ripe fruit on the palate.  Berry flavours linger on the medium-long finish.


2014 Voulez View Rouge
The View
Kelowna, BC
Voulez View uses a touch (15%) of Merlot to add some elegance to the Pinotage base. Garnet red with medium-deep intensity. Sweet spice, cherries, plum, dark berries, earth, and a hint of chocolate on the nose.  Well balanced with medium body and silky-smooth ripe tannins.  Velvety on the palate with flavours that echo the nose.  A medium-plus finish.  A great BBQ wine and very nice with just a slight chill.


2009 Merlot
Burrowing Owl
Oliver, BC
Garnet red with medium-deep intensity.  Red and black fruit on the nose followed by earth, cocoa, and spice.  Well balanced with smooth ripe tannins.  The flavours mirror the nose.  A medium-plus finish.


2013 Syrah
Painted Rock
Penticton, BC
The grapes for this wine were cropped to three tons per acre which helps to concentrate varietal character.  It was then aged for 18 months in French (80%) and American (20%) new oak.  Garnet red with deep intensity.  Dusty herbs, dark fruit, blueberries, chocolate, and spice on the nose.  Well balanced with soft ripe tannins.  Dark fruit dominates the palate followed by a medium-long finish.

(All photos – Sam Hauck)


3 thoughts on “From the Cellar featuring wines that have been aged…”

  1. Hey Sam;

    My tastings of Rose’ around BC came to a conclusion more to
    lack of access as much as anything else. So without be able to
    taste last years favourites Narrative Red and Haywire, I tasted
    rose’ from 6 wineries. The best I’ve had tasted (hopefully more soon)
    came from Bartier Bros. Michael Bartiers’ Rose’ has a total elegance
    that set it apart from the others, in colour, blend of varietals, crispness,
    beautiful strawberry notes., and very food friendly. The 2nd best for me
    was our friends in Lillooet, Fort Berens. A completely different wine than
    BB in style, but big juicy strawberry flavours that kept me coming back for
    more. Lastly, was Sandhill, another wonderful wine with flavours bursting
    out of the glass. Since it is now on the wine list at Pitt Meadows Golf Club
    and being a member there, it quickly became a go to refreshment after
    toiling on a hot summer day of 18;holes. Have introduced many new fans
    to this wine as well.
    So, those are my top 3, with other choices being Quals Gate, Saintly, Road 13,
    and See Ya Later Ranch in no particular order. Let me know what you’ve found
    as we have booked a visit in September for sure, and might get to Similkameen
    earlier m

    • Shall do Michael.
      I haven’t had the BB yet, but based on your recommendation, I will certainly seek it out. I, too, am a big fan of FB rosés, especially their latest vintage. The Saintly didn’t impress me too much, but it obviously is a hit with many people.
      The good news is that we have so many great rosés in BC, made from many different varieties, styles and blends so there will be something to suit every palate.
      Do try to get to the Similkameen. There are so many good wineries there.


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