The Wines of British Columbia Stand up to the World at the Fourth Annual Judgment of BC

The Wines of British Columbia were put to the ultimate test at the fourth annual Judgment of BC on Wednesday, October 24, pitting 12 BC wines against 12 acknowledged global benchmarks.

Our #FavouriteThings from The View Winery

We really enjoy the wines from The View Winery. Why are we so taken with the extensive line up of wines and Wards ciders from The View? What sets them apart from other Okanagan wines and ciders? Every bottle or can is filled with personality. Just like owner Jennifer Molgat the inspiration, perspiration, incentive, ambition and … Read moreOur #FavouriteThings from The View Winery

Rocking the Super Bowl party with The View Winery

  Super Bowl parties vary depending on the host and the guests. Everything from the fancy with phyllo wrapped, baked brie to the casual crowd eating potato chips out of the bag. Let’s get this over with by clearly stating there are lots of women who love football, know all about football and then there … Read moreRocking the Super Bowl party with The View Winery