#ShiptoSip 2021 with Frind Estate Winery

“This series features both the BC Wine new vintages and a few favourites”

I am so excited to bring you wines from Frind Estate Beach Winery! Frind first came to my attention through a couple of incredibly hard working women I am privileged to know. Now the recipient of a premium selection of Frind wines I will be pairing the wines with a dish that works and then doing a review. This process takes awhile because I don’t just taste the wines, I want to savour them, appreciate all their nuances and explore what makes them perfect for which wine pairing dish.

In the meantime you need to know about a wine that comes with a special offer, very limited quantities left though, so act soon. Also a new spring release. Here then are two excellent offerings for your sipping pleasure to #wineonline…

2018 Chardonnay

Our inaugural Chardonnay is sourced from 3 sites located in Kelowna, Cawston & Oliver. Fermented entirely in stainless steel tanks with sur lie aging, our 2018 Chardonnay expresses both complex texture and flavour. Allowing the finished wine to continue aging on the yeast lees, with regular stirring, resulted in a soft, creamy texture and a rich full mouthfeel. The fresh fruit aromas and flavours are highlighted in this unoaked style. Thus showcasing marked acidity with aromatics of pineapple, lemon and passionfruit on the palate.

Pair with grilled salmon & soft cheeses.

Silver Medal – Chardonnay Du Monde

Currently offering an end of vintage special for our silver medal winning Chardonnay. When you purchase 6 or more bottles, you’ll save $5 off each bottle, also included complimentary shipping for your order.

$25.99 available online

2019 Big White

New Release

2019 was a cooler and wetter than usual vintage in the Okanagan which has made us more creative with our 2019 Big White Blend. Each grape was chosen for specific flavour and structure driven reasons creating a well-balanced summer sipper. Our southern Okanagan vineyards have provided ripe pome fruit flavours of green apple and quince. Our northern Okanagan vineyards provided crisp refreshing acidity with bright citrus notes. This light body wine has a beautiful lingering finish of Anjou pear and should be sipped on while enjoying the sunshine on a patio.

Pair with fresh seafood & roasted chicken dishes.

$20.99 available online

History of the Estate

Frind Estate Winery is located at 3725 Boucherie Road, in West Kelowna, BC. This stunning lakefront property was the home of former BC Premier, Bill Bennett. The Bennett family raised their children in the beautifully renovated home on site, while in service to the province from 1976 to 1982. The patriarch of the family and Bill’s father, W.A.C Bennett, was the longest serving Premier to the province of BC from 1952 to 1973. He was also the president of the Okanagan’s first winery: “Calona Wines”.

Frind Estate Winery strives to celebrate and preserve the rich history of this spectacular location.

Story of the Pinecone

Each bottle of Frind Estate wines features an abstract golden pinecone representing 3 aspects meaningful to the founder and his family – science, symbolism and sentiment.

Markus Frind is passionate about science and math. Over a decade ago Markus cracked a mathematical sequence used as supporting research for another academic paper that helped to win its author the Fields Medal, also known as the Nobel Prize for math. If you look at the bottom of any pine cone, the beautiful spiral pattern is the result of Fibonacci sequences (also found in snail shells and roses). Coincidentally, the City of Kelowna logo also represents the geometry of a pinecone.

Bacchus, the Roman God of wine, is often depicted wielding a Thyrsus – a staff topped with a pinecone. This staff represents fertility and prosperity and could turn water into wine.

Lastly, Frind Estate Winery (previously the Bennett Family Estate) is sprinkled with beautiful old growth Ponderosa Pine trees, where Markus and his daughter Ava found the perfect pinecone to artistically render for the brand.

Information about the winery, tasting notes, bottle shots and image courtesy of the winery. I received complimentary wine to facilitate a review, in the works. Any opinions are my own.

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