Wild Origins Pop-Up, Coquihalla Summit June 26,28,30, 2022


We are thrilled to invite you and yours to our first morel mushroom focused Forage + Feast this June.

The cost is $315 per guest and includes taxes and gratuity. You will experience a 5-hour adventure into the desolate burn area from 2021’s forest fire which burnt over 5000 hectares in this location. Foraging will take place from 9-3 pm. The foraging involves climbing over logs and hiking up and down the mountainside. Yes, you will get dirty too. After a wash-up, join us in the kitchen or simply relax and take in the alpine surroundings. Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm in the green and luscious valley bottom, creekside. Any dietary restrictions or allergies must be communicated in advance to be accommodated. We may have the opportunity to harvest some other international delicacies as well, such as King boletes, but will depend on seasonal conditions. Transportation from the valley into the harvesting grounds is provided in our Toyota + Mercedes vehicles.

The Coquihalla lakes recreational area is a short 5-minute drive off of the highway and that is our meeting point and base camp. It is conveniently located a short 2- hour drive from either downtown Vancouver or Kelowna. Guests have several options to stay the night or return home after dinner at 8:30 pm. We invite you to join us at camp which is off-grid, amenities would include access to our kitchen, base camp and creek water. There may or may not be a fire ban at this time.

Within 5 kilometres is the Coquihalla lakes lodge, they are the only accommodation providers in the immediate area. Other accommodation alternatives would be Hope and Merritt, 30 min drive in either direction. It’s important to note that we will be experiencing an alpine adventure. Daytime highs are around 20C and nighttime lows often drop below 0C. Average rain is usually light and a chance of showers hovering at 30%.

Dress in layers, bring a hat, rain gear and gumboots. A pocket knife is very handy to have. As we make safety our first priority please download 1 of these 2 smartphone apps, Fat Maps or Google maps while in wifi signal. Otherwise, we insist on bringing a compass or hand help GPS.

There is often an opportunity to harvest products to take home. If you wish to do so we recommend a cooler and some fabric or paper bags for storage. Please bring water and any other snacks, lunch or libations you would like to have on hand. A small backpack while foraging to hold snacks and water is ideal. WO provides ice and coolers at camp. If anyone has mobility issues, are not well suited to walking on uneven terrain or experience car sickness, please inform us. If there is anything else you would like us to know, or have questions, WO is here to answer them.

www.wildorigins.ca 604-802-6507 info@nullwildorigins.ca Tofino + Haida Gwaii

Important Terms + Conditions

All guests must sign a digital waiver found here https://wildorigins.ca/forage-and feast-culinary-adventures/ in order to participate. If you would prefer to book a private experience please let us know as we are happy to accommodate this. Public groups will be approximately 10 people. We do not purchase, sell, or provide alcohol but are happy to make recommendations for beverage pairings. To book please send an E-transfer of $315 per guest to info@nullwildorigins.ca Cancellation before May.20th will result in a 50% refund. Should a cancellation occur after May.20th no refund will be issued. All allergies, dislikes, dietary restrictions and special requests must be communicated in advance.

We look forward to feeding your appetite for an unforgettable meal + adventure. Sincerely,

The Wild Origins team + Chef Paul Moran

Media release and image provided by Wild Origins.

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