Pacific Theatre Presents: THE WOLVES by Sarah DeLappe

Pacific Theatre presents a With A Spoon production in association with Rumble Theatre THE WOLVES by Sarah DeLappe “Push further than you think you can – and keep on pushing, cause God damn it, I want to WIN.” Oct 19 – Nov 10   Under the cold lights of an indoor soccer field, nine teenage … Read more

Kim’s Convenience – a review by Judy Robb

  Kim’s Convenience Pacific Theatre’s production of Kim’s Convenience captivates the audience from the moment they enter the theatre. A colourful set, understated music, crisp dialogue, a strong dose of humour and dynamic acting combine for a 75 minute performance that seems to fly by. Mr. Kim (James Yi), called Appa at home, is a … Read more

Pacific Theatre presents KIM’S CONVENIENCE by Ins Choi

“What is the story of me, Mr. Kim? My whole life is this store. This store is my story.” Sept 7 – Oct 6   How do we share our legacy? Mr. Kim has built a tiny empire from nothing. His convenience store is his life, his livelihood, and his legacy. As his Toronto neighbourhood … Read more

Kill All Politicians – a review

Kill All Politicians A Vagrant Players Theatre Society Production Pacific Theatre   The Canadian premiere of “Kill All Politicians”, is billed as ‘a comedy about the politics of friendship’. Sometimes, however, it is anything but comedic, as the action opens with Stu (Brad Bergeron) beginning an extended rant after receiving a parking ticket. He and … Read more

Tolkien – a review by Judy Robb

  “Tolkien”  Pacific Theatre Local director and playwright Ron Reed’s “Tolkien”, a play about the friendship between J. R. R. Tolkien (John Innes) and C. S. Lewis (Ian Farthing), is a powerful theatre experience.   It spans a period of more than 30 years, beginning when Tolkien is introduced to “Jack” Lewis, the new professor on … Read more

Pacific Theatre presents TOLKIEN by Ron Reed

“What do you live for except to be taken in by stories?” Where can friendship take us? The enduring worlds created by J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis changed the face of fantasy forever. Frodo, Aslan, the Pevensie children, and dozens more iconic characters sprang from two fertile imaginations fed by a frienship that spanned decades. … Read more

Bar Mitzvah Boy – Pacific Theatre

Bar Mitzvah Boy   The world premiere of “Bar Mitzvah Boy” written by local playwright Mark Leiren-Young, opened to a sold out audience at the Pacific Theatre last weekend. Joey, played by Richard Newman, is a successful Jewish lawyer who wants to have the Bar Mitzvah ceremony most Jewish boys celebrate as a symbol of … Read more

Pacific Theatre presents: “An Almost Holy Picture”

In this quiet, thought provoking performance, solo performer David Snider plays Samuel Gentle, a gardener, a former minister in his middle years, who is reflecting on God, his faith, other belief systems and the way his life has unfolded. “An Almost Holy Picture” develops as a nonlinear narrative as Gentle recounts the experiences which have … Read more

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