Wines for Waves featuring Naramata Bench Wineries Association

We raised a toast to ocean conservation at Ocean Wise and Naramata Bench Wineries Association’s annual Wine for Waves on Friday, April 13 at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. Guests had a chance to get the first sips of Spring Wine Releases from Naramata Bench Wineries Association and taste delicious, sustainable seafood from Ocean Wise chef partners. The evening of “wine”ing and dining married the very best in BC wines with an equally amazing selection of seafood from the west coast.

We especially enjoyed the incredible wines being poured that evening all from the Naramata Bench Wineries Association members:

These images represent just a sampling of the portfolios of these Okanagan wineries that are members of the  Naramata Bench Wineries Association.


Excellent seafood dishes were paired with the delectable wines:

Wines for Waves sells out every year so be sure to keep in mind that April is #BCWineMonth and there is always an abundance of wine events to choose from.

Here is a complete list of the member wineries of the Naramata Bench Wineries Association. I encourage you to go visit, you will not be disappointed. Every winery is welcoming and pleased to have you visit. If possible make an appointment for your visit and remember there is a tasting fee, often waived with the purchase of their wine.

Perseus Winery
Ph: 250-490-8829 – More info
Black Widow Winery
Ph: 250-487-2347 – More info
Poplar Grove Winery
Ph: 250-493-9463 – More info
Bella Wines
Ph: 778-996-1829 – More info
Terravista Vineyards
Ph: 778-476-6011 – More info
Lake Breeze Vineyards
Ph: 250-496-5659 – More info
La Frenz Winery
Ph: 250- 492–6690 – More info
Elephant Island Winery
Ph: 250-496-5522 – More info
Red Rooster Winery
Ph: 250- 492-2424 – More info
Tightrope Winery
Ph: 778-476-7673 – More info
D’Angelo Estate Winery
Ph: 250- 493-1364 – More info
Van Westen Vineyards
Ph: 250-496-0067 – More info
Hillside Winery & Bistro
Ph: 250- 493-6274 – More info
Therapy Vineyards
Ph: 250-496-5217 – More info
Roche Wines
Ph: 236-422-2722 – More info
Serendipity Winery
Ph: 250-496-5299 – More info
Moraine Estate Winery
Ph: 778-476-7688  More info
Kettle Valley Winery
Ph: 250-496-5898 – More info
Lang Vineyards
Ph: 778-514‑5598 – More info
Upper Bench Estate Winery
Ph: 250-770-1733 – More info
Monster Vineyards
Ph: 250-496-5962 – More info
Laughing Stock Vineyards
Ph: 250-493-8466 – More info
Bench 1775 at Paradise Beach Vineyards
Ph: 250-490-4965 – More info
Deep Roots Winery
Ph: 250-460-2390 – More info
Nichol Vineyard
Ph: 250-496-5962 – More info
Daydreamer Wines
Ph: 778-514-0026 – More info
Three Sisters Winery
Ph: 604-363-3402 – More info
Misconduct Wine Company
Ph: 1-800-851-0903 – More info


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