Introducing Brunch Happy Hour! at Earls Restaurants

  Your weekends just got better.   January can be a tough time to convince yourself to get outside and brave the winter weather, but our new Brunch Happy Hour is all the motivation you’ll need to get bundled up and walk out that door. We’re reinventing the brunch scene with all brunch entrées for … Read more

#TasteofThursday EARLS THE COOKBOOK: Eat a Little, Eat a Lot 110 of Your Favorite Recipes

  We thought we might tempt you with one of our favourite recipes that we first published on in April of 2017. SANTA FE CHICKEN SALAD   The best dates to use are Medjool dates, but any variety of dried dates will do. Instead of using a knife, use a pair of kitchen shears … Read more

Introducing Earl’s Test Kitchen

  What will you find at 905 Hornby Street in Vancouver?  Earls Test Kitchen, which just opened in June.  It is the culinary inspiration centre for all of Earl’s sixty-five restaurants throughout North America.   Here, they bring together a collection of world-class chefs to develop new menu items.  If you look at the menus … Read more

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