A Flight of Rieslings, Old and New

  I recently presented a tasting for a group I have been fortunate enough to sit in on many times in the past. This was my ‘pay back’. I had many Rieslings sitting in my cellar and I’ve often thought about getting a group together to try them, but it never quite seemed to materialize, … Read more A Flight of Rieslings, Old and New

Wine Wednesday Wine Reviews @Sam_WineTeacher

  2013 Rosé (Pinot Meunier) 8th Generation Summerland, BC $17.00 A rather unique rosé from Bernd and Stefanie Schales of 8th Generation. It is cherry red with medium intensity. Ripe red apples, Strawberries, cherries, pink grapefruit and watermelon aromas on the nose. Well balanced. The flavours echo the nose with a medium-long finish. Think you … Read more Wine Wednesday Wine Reviews @Sam_WineTeacher