Yuwa Japanese Cuisine Welcomes Amabuki Brewery for ‘Secret Garden’ Sake Dinner on September 18

Yuwa Japanese Cuisine will take guests on a guided tour of the gardens that give Japanese brewery Amabuki its international renown when it welcomes the celebrated sakemaker for a special ‘Secret Garden’ Sake Dinner at the upper Kitsilano restaurant on Wednesday, September 18.

Yuwa Japanese Cuisine Celebrates ‘Reiwa’ Era at Sake Dinner Showcasing Nakashima Brewing, June 12

Sakes featured during the evening will include the ultra-rare Gold Medal Junmai Daiginjo, seasonal House Junmai, Kimoto Junmai, Yamahai Honjozo and Umaji Yuzu sake, among others, and be paired with an eight-course feast featuring Chef/Co-Owner Masahiro Omori’s signature interpretation of traditional Japanese cuisine.

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