#ThisWineThatDish | Time Winery White Meritage | Arancini di Riso

“This series features both the BC Wine new vintages and a few favourites”

Continuing on my theme of pairing a very good wine with a simple casual dish this one definitely fits the bill. What could be simpler, or easier, than leftovers. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you this pairing is with leftovers! Inspirational leftovers to be sure.

Suggested BC wine pairing:

TIME White Meritage

Silver Barrel (Okanagan Falls) and Desert Wolf (Oliver)

40% barrel fermented in French oak and the rest was cool fermented in stainless steel tank.

Classic aromas circle in the glass: honeydew melon, pear, and a hint of tangerine. Taste hints of apricot and mango, swirled with ripe gooseberry. This wine is mellowed by barrel aging, resulting in a sturdy and vibrant finish with delicate traces of oak.

Sauvignon Blanc (51%)
Semillon (49%)

Talk about a perfect pairing! Cheese and starch unequivocally pair with a Sauvignon Blanc, every time. The addition of the Semillon that makes up the White Meritage Blend, even more so. The fruitiness with the soft cheese was heavenly. The Arancini was fairly mild which allowed the richness of the wine to stand out. Just the tiniest hint of oak put this wine over the top. The White Meritage is as delicious as it is versatile. 

Eating casual, drinking in style!



Risotto (leftover from the night before)
Mozzarella cheese (grated)
beaten egg (optional)
bread crumbs (optional)

As it happens the leftover risotto used in this recipe was Prawn and lemon making this dead easy. First chop the prawns into smaller pieces. Mix in a generous amount of grated cheese. Scoop out tablespoons of the Risotto mixture and shape it into balls.

Here you have two choices: roll the balls in flour and fry; or, roll the balls in flour, into the beaten egg and then the breadcrumbs.

Fry in hot oil.

I took the easiest method and rolled the balls just in flour and then fried in hot oil, turning them over so they were evenly browned and the cheese melted inside.

If you wish you can serve alongside a homemade Marinara sauce.

This recipe was a pure cheat! Inspired by Christina Cucina! but with a lazy twist.

While the literal definition of TIME may be elusive, it is an observed phenomenon which allows us to honour key moments in our shared journey through life. Our team knows that our unique Okanagan terroir develops complex flavours that result in the right wines to celebrate any occasion. Enjoy this TIME Winery White Meritage together.


TIME Winery is committed to creating wines that express the unique flavours of Okanagan wine country. Located in the former PenMar movie theatre; TIME Winery is a state-of the art downtown winery. The entire TIME Winery team has worked to ensure that the new crush pad, barrel cellar, custom fermentation hall, and onsite lab were built to ensure only the best quality wine, vintage after vintage.

The winemaking team invites you to visit TIME Winery for a firsthand tour and sip the latest vintages, which offer flavours of the surrounding Okanagan wine country, while you explore the inner workings of a fully-functional winery. Complete the experience at the tasting bar and lounge, or with your guests on the patio. TIME Winery’s full kitchen and event space provide a unique venue for your next public or private event.

Winery notes and bottle shot courtesy of the winery. My notes (in bold italics). All opinions are my own. I received complimentary wine to facilitate this feature. To read more #ThisWineThatDish pairings that feature Time Winery, click here.

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