The Wine Not! Tour and what you may have missed

  Hard to believe it was last May when APVSA rolled into town with a wonderful selection of French, Spanish, Italian and Swiss wines. Accélérateur à l’export des Vins Français en Amérique du Nord conduct a wine tasting tour throughout North American and Vancouver is fortunate to be on the circuit with a wine tasting … Read more

Amazing Wines Vancouver Has Never Heard Of

  For well over a decade, the Montréal based APVSA, the Association for the promotion of Wines (Vins) and Spirits in North America, has served as a bridge between European wine and spirit producers and a wide range of North American markets. The most recent APVSA trip to Vancouver, titled The Soul of Wine, featured … Read more

Quintessence Tour visits Vancouver

  On May 26 the APVSA came once again to Vancouver to present an exciting range of wines to the local wine importers and distributors. The wines are presented in a private space for an “invitation only” opportunity to taste excellent wines of the various regions of Europe. Always top quality wines that are the best … Read more


The Champagne Tour 2016! Yesterday was an opportunity to taste exceptional wines selected by APVSA. Champagne was the featured wine but there were many more varietals to taste and savour. France Champagne Loire Valley Provence South West Languedoc-Roussillon Rhône Valley Bordeaux Auvergne Spain Tierra De Castilla Priorat, Cava, Conca de Barberà Italy Piedmont Trentino   … Read more

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