Oh, the Places You’ll Go and Go We did in the Honda Odyssey!

How do three generations holiday and tour together? Why in the 7 passenger Honda Odyssey of course. We loved our week spent enjoying the comfort of the Honda Odyssey. It worked great when we all wanted to go touring together in the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island.   Getting there was a breeze and we … Read more Oh, the Places You’ll Go and Go We did in the Honda Odyssey!

PCMA Convening Leaders

 WITH LESS THAN 60 DAYS UNTIL PCMA CONVENING LEADERS, VANCOUVER IS POLISHING THE BRASS AND FLUFFING THE SHEETS  Vancouver prepares for influential “convention for convention planners” in January The rainforest in Stanley Park has been watered, the glass towers buffed to a sparkling sheen, and Vancouver’s surrounding mountains have a fresh dusting of snow. All this … Read more PCMA Convening Leaders

Ten reasons to Explore Vancouver via The Canada Line

The Canada Line is not just for commuters slogging to and from work, nor is it only for travelers making their way to and from the airport; it’s a great way to explore our wonderful city! The Canada Line is also a fun way for visitors to spend a day (or more) getting to know Vancouver.