Farmer’s Apprentice, Grapes & Soda Alumni Take Reins of Award-Winning Establishments from Founder David Gunawan

A new chapter for both the farm-to-table restaurant and its sister wine bar, the handover is more of a continuum than a reinvention. Yonemori, Sawada and Gunawan have long been colleagues and familiar faces for guests at the South Granville staples, and both new owners will maintain Gunawan’s locavore-forward philosophy of showcasing 100-per-cent organic, sustainable and seasonal fare.

Chef David Gunawan Continues to Champion Community, Sustainability at Recently Opened Ubuntu Canteen

Recently opened organic, family focused bakery and restaurant Ubuntu Canteen will bolster its weekly service to include a series of monthly events that underscore its mission to cultivate a sense of community in the heart of Vancouver’s Fraserhood and beyond beginning this April.

What are you doing New Years, New Year’s Eve?

  Just a few suggestions for anyone still looking for New Year’s Eve celebration options. Most restaurants require advance notice of 24 or 48 hours for cancellations so a lucky few may find they can scoop in and grab the best seat for New Year’s Eve. Doesn’t hurt to check. These are a few of … Read more

Cocktail Pairing for Plum Clafoutis #TasteofThursday

Pairing Notes: Paired with an Amber Brandy Fizz General Manager and Sommelier, Hao-Yang Wang suggests pairing the Plum Clafoutis with the light and creamy cocktail, Amber Brandy Fizz by Bar Manager Satoshi Yonemori and notes the benefit of adjusting sweetness to find harmony with a dessert. Amber Brandy Fizz Cocktail Method: Shake INGREDIENTS 30ml   … Read more

Plum Clafoutis recipe #TasteofThursday

Plum Clafoutis with Crème Fraîche Chef Ron Shaw of Grapes& Soda Serves 8 INGREDIENTS Clafoutis 1 Tbsp unsalted butter, softened 355 ml whole milk 2/3 Cup sugar 2 Tbsp Brandy 1 Tbsp vanilla extract 6 eggs Kosher salt, to taste 1 Cup flour 2 Cups black plums, pitted, fresh or frozen Icing sugar, for dusting … Read more


 ANNOUNCING A SERIES OF EXCLUSIVE EVENTS, WELCOMING DUO OF COPENHAGEN CHEFS FOR GUEST CHEF DINNERS   Following New Year’s Eve, Danish Chefs Jonathan Tam and Rasmus Leck Fischer Hop the Pond to Curate Dinners with Royal Dinette’s David Gunawan and Jack Chen Hot on the heels of earning the coveted title of Vancouver’s best new restaurant by The … Read more

Wine Pairing for Roasted Brussel Sprouts

 Wine Pairing for #TasteofThursday Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Burrata and Chili Gastrique    Pairing Notes: Paired with Bobinett ‘Hanami’ 2013, from Loire Valley, France General Manager and Sommelier, Hao-Yang Wang suggests pairing the Roasted Brussels Sprout with Bobinett ‘Hanami’ 2013 from Loire Valley, France, noting: “The Hanami is 100% Cabernet Franc, though produced in a … Read more

Roasted Brussel Sprouts #TasteofThursday

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Burrata and Chili Gastrique Chef Ron Shaw of Grapes and Soda   Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 4 ½ Cups brussels sprout, halved 1 piece 250g burrata 2-3 pieces dried bread olive oil kosher salt, to taste Gastrique 1/3 Cup caster sugar 150 ml fruit vinegar (raspberry is ideal) 10 ml chili (chilis … Read more

Vegetable Okonomiyaki #TasteofThursday recipe

Vegetable Okonomiyaki with Cabbage and Apple Salad Chef Ron Shaw     Serves 4, 10-12 cm Okonomiyaki INGREDIENTS Vegetables ½ head small cabbage, sliced very fine 1 white onion, sliced fine 4 green onions, sliced, rinsed and drained 16 pc button, chestnut or shiitake mushrooms or 4 king oyster mushrooms, cut into small pieces 1 … Read more


SUNDAYS, FUN DAYS: GRAPES & SODA UNCORKS EXCLUSIVE NEW DISCOVERY DINNER SERIES THROUGHOUT NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER   Four-Course, Locally Sourced Menus Focus on Distinctive Ingredients, Regions, Wines and Spirits     Grapes & Soda will send weekends off in style this November and December when Vancouver’s first and only natural wine bar plays host to a … Read more

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