Black Hills Estate Winery #JointheClub

Receive our award winning wines delivered to your door three times a year! This includes limited and hard to come by wine such as Nota Bene and Carmenere.

Nota Bene Customers Meet Celebrities at Epic Virtual Release Party

What does the iconic Canadian 2018 Nota Bene wine by Black Hills Estate Winery have in common with celebrities Steven Page, Jason Priestley, Erin Cebula, Prevail and Kelsey Serwa?

#ShiptoSip with Black Hills Estate Winery

Right now we have been asked to stay home, even work from home if that’s possible. For some of us that can add stress and concern, not to mention some very careful juggling of family obligations. Everyone is working together to get through these unusual and unexpected times. With special thanks to all of our … Read more #ShiptoSip with Black Hills Estate Winery

Nota Bene – Six Wines Spanning Fifteen Years

Nota Bene is, arguably, one of the best known red wines produced in BC and one to get fans, of this flagship offering from Black Hills, drooling. Nota Bene appeared on the scene in 1999 and has had something of a cult following ever since. Some people may be surprised that a BC red wine … Read more Nota Bene – Six Wines Spanning Fifteen Years

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