Welcome James Headrick

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest writer, photographer, videographer and contributor James Headrick. James is based on Vancouver Island and he will be contributing articles on his own experiences of life on the Island, a little bit of travel, dining, foraging, wine pairing and cooking all Island based. We look forward to…

Exploring the Cowichan Valley

Wow! I’ve been living and loving the Island life for 10 years now. Yet, I’ve seen so little of our island. Sure I want to explore Vancouver Island, but I figured why wait? Why not get started in my own back yard; the Cowichan Valley? My first planned outing was to the Duncan Farmer’s Market…

What a Difference 3650 Days Make

My life is sometimes measured in laptops killed rather than human years. The other day I stumbled upon an external hard drive that contained (or so I thought) info recovered from the sudden death of Mr. Three Laptops Ago. Now when I say “stumbled upon”, what I really mean is that I finally found it…

The CANADA LINE connects you to the Filberg Festival

Vancouver Island is a great place to be in the summer. Islanders are laid back, artsy, and musical, kind of like the Filberg Festival! Getting to Comox for the Filberg Festival is easy; hop the B.C. Ferry from Horseshoe Bay. Or take The Canada Line to Waterfront and a few steps to Harbour Air flying into Comox Harbour, or The Canada Line to YVR and Pacific Coastal Airlines flying into Comox Airport. No matter how you get here you will have a great time at the Filberg Festival.

Staying on The Canada Line

For those of us who travel over from Vancouver Island we can easily hop on a plane thanks to Pacific Coastal Airlines and Harbour Air service to either YVR, and the free shuttle to The Canada Line, or direct to Vancouver harbour and the opposite end of The Canada Line at Waterfront Station.