Wine Runs Deep – A Great Summer Read

Wine Runs Deep Patrick Ember 2018 Friesen Press 296 pages Do you remember any high school bullies?  Can you remember the torment?  The fear of their wrath?  What if they came back into your life years later and tried to blackmail you? We all make bad decisions in life.  If we are lucky, we survive … Read moreWine Runs Deep – A Great Summer Read

Our #FavouriteThings – Tasteful Reading as Gifts

  – Roslyne Buchanan Let’s get straight to it: I’m a book hoarder. I love all kinds of books and take great comfort in being surrounded by them. I guess that’s why I’ve always loved libraries. In my collection, you’ll find dusty old English Literature texts that have joined me through my journeys since school … Read moreOur #FavouriteThings – Tasteful Reading as Gifts