Iconic BC Red Wines 2018

I attend many wine tasting events and there is always the hope that some wines will be impressive and most of the time there are a few that do stand out. This tasting, though, was something quite different.  Twenty BC red wines and all examples of the best that BC has to offer.  An event … Read moreIconic BC Red Wines 2018

Our #FavouriteThings – Tasteful Reading as Gifts

  – Roslyne Buchanan Let’s get straight to it: I’m a book hoarder. I love all kinds of books and take great comfort in being surrounded by them. I guess that’s why I’ve always loved libraries. In my collection, you’ll find dusty old English Literature texts that have joined me through my journeys since school … Read moreOur #FavouriteThings – Tasteful Reading as Gifts

The Wines of British Columbia Shine at The Judgment of BC Wine Tasting

The Wines of British Columbia were put to the ultimate test at the Judgment of BC on Tuesday, August 25, pitting 12 BC Wines against 12 acknowledged global benchmarks. We are proud to announce BC’s C.C. Jentsch Syrah 2013 from the Okanagan Valley ranked first among the flight of Syrah, and Soumah Chardonnay Single Vineyard 2013 … Read moreThe Wines of British Columbia Shine at The Judgment of BC Wine Tasting

BC Wine Expert John Schreiner

I caught up with BC wine guru John Schreiner at the Clearbrook library recently where he was speaking on wine as a part of their Fine Food Series. Other lectures in this series focus on Olive Oil and Vinegar, Honey and Coffee. John discussed his latest book, “John Schreiner’s Okanagan Wine Tour Guide” and a … Read moreBC Wine Expert John Schreiner